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Dannah Investment Group is motivated by our faith with a strong desire and calling to give back to our community.

Richard Rodgers is the Founder and original Chairman of CMF International (Christian Missionary Fund), a registered 501(c)(3) that supports missionaries around the world. Christian Missionary Fund International is a non profit that seeks to create lifetime support for missions work around the world by establishing an endowment where the investment interest funds missional work that continues to grow each year. He has grown the fund to over $100,000 in assets. In addition, he has served on the boards of a local school and a local church, and speaks at many churches on the topic of charitable giving.

Kyle Rodgers began his career in the non-profit sector where he helped churches to track and improve their financial health. Kyle is active in volunteering with his church and with his local police department as a chaplain. He is actively involved with the Dallas chapter of Brotherhood for the Fallen, which serves a two-fold mission of financial assistance and emotional support for the families of officers killed in the line of duty. After the tragic murder of 5 Dallas area officers on July 7, 2016, existing chapters of the Brotherhood sent over 75 officers to the funerals of the fallen Dallas officers. After personally feeling the impact of the mission, the Dallas chapter of Brotherhood for the Fallen was started in the summer of 2017.

We are honored to be involved in these worthy causes and encourage anyone who would like to partner with these great organizations to contact the organizations or our office directly to learn more.

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