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4 Practical Steps to Increase Program Revenue

Without an offensive posture determined to save your organization money, economic insecurities, and managing a challenging workforce can influence organizations to be more reactive, adjusting to the ever-changing rules and guidelines. Now is the time to be proactive, but most organizations don’t have the resources to hire a financial expert to focus on reducing operational costs.

Nonprofits need a partner whose primary focus is to maximize program resources. Below is a list of strategies that we would love to talk more about with you!

Level-Funded Healthcare

Estimated Savings: 10 - 30% on health care premiums for group plans

Over the last twenty years, employers have been faced with double-digit rate increases on employee healthcare. The only options have been to reduce benefits, pass the extra cost on to the employees, or eliminate the plan completely. Many employers are not willing to accept these options and have decided to purchase an Employer Driven Health Plan. Most health plans are developed from the top-down by actuaries and underwriters who are out-of-touch with their primary principles, employees.

Why pay a high fixed premium every month assuming every person is using your group health plan? Contact us today and let us help you maximize your dollars.

<strong>Employee Retention Tax Credit</strong>

Employee Retention Tax Credit

Business Estimated Savings: up to $26,000 per employee, for organizations that qualify

From government mandates that caused a significant drop in sales, issues that affected normal operations such as an inability to gather. If you have 50 – 499 employees on aggregate, you could potentially qualify for a refund up to $26,000 per employee, in the Employee Retention Credit Program. 

Time is running out to apply for this tax credit. If you have been told that you don’t qualify, it is worth a call to explain why you might. Contact us today to review your business situation.

Credit Card Processing Fees

Estimated Savings: 15% average savings on processing fees or elimination of fees

In today’s world, electronic payments represent most of a nonprofit’s transactions. Credit card processing fees take away funds you could be used on fulfilling your mission. Reduce credit card processing rates to ZERO %. The card associations have changed their rules, permitting organizations to recoup the costs associated with credit card transactions. Instantly improve your program funds by approximately 15% and receive 100% of donation proceeds immediately. No term contract required, and all of the activation is handled for you. You will have a single point of contact, or concierge with dedicated PCI compliance team and 24/7 customer support.

Receive a no-cost analysis to see how you can save your  organization money by sending us the last two months of your merchant statements. No obligation to move forward. Contact us today.

<strong>Dannah Financial Services</strong>

Dannah Financial Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of financial services to drive your business's success.

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We believe in building strong relationships with our clients based on trust, integrity, and transparency. You can count on us to deliver personalized service, transparent pricing, and honest advice to help you achieve your financial goals. Contact us today.