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Joe Wainer

Joe Wainer

Chief Revenue Officer

  • Joe discovered his personal and professional calling to be in the area of helping others (people and organizations) to plan and execute strategies that lead to peace, security, productivity, and fulfillment.  Joe became the President of Foursquare Foundation in 2013, an organization dedicated to the acceleration of worldwide and interdenominational evangelism.  While developing a pathway for 170M in grants and gifts, while the Foundation’s corpus grew from 183M to just over 226M during his tenure. He holds a degree in theology from The King’s University and an MBA from George Fox University, but most importantly carries his passion as a Christ-follower, a husband, and father as his primary source of measuring success in life.  Joe believes that money is a tool, not a goal. Joe converged his love of serving others with his skill in financial planning and management into a career in the financial services industry.
  • Joe is a lifelong learner, keeping the best interest of his clients at heart.  In addition to his MBA, Joe is both Series 7 and 66 Licensed, and continues to develop skills pursuant to excellent service and world class advice.
  • Currently living in Valdosta, Georgia, Joe and his wife, Liz, have 2 boys, Grahame and Heyward. In his free time, Joe keeps bees, plays golf, and loves spending time with his family outdoors, preferably in pursuit of wild game.