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Richard Rodgers

Richard Rodgers


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Richard Rodgers is an accomplished chief executive and entrepreneur with 33 years of experience in some of the largest automotive groups in the U.S. and the sixth largest corporation in the world. His extensive background in all aspects of financial management and investing, coupled with his leading expertise in insurance and risk transfer, make Richard a uniquely equipped leader to assist any board facing large risk exposure. Richard is an expert in mergers and acquisitions, as well as managing multi-million-dollar investment portfolios. A true team player and leader of unquestionable integrity, Richard is recognized for treating employees and customers with honesty, fairness and ethics. Richard has served on a large number of boards. Richard's specialties include strategic cash management, lecturing, insurance, securities, accounting and financial operations.

Currently, Richard is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Dannah Investment Group LLC, which he founded in 2009. The group consists of Dannah Insurance Solutions LLC, Dannah Capital Partners, Dannah Executive fund, Captisure and Certannuity, different entities created to provide creative insurance solutions to employees, offer secure 401k plans, manage captive insurance companies and offer efficient risk management for auto dealers and medical professionals. Through Dannah, Richard has helped numerous companies protect their assets and achieve sustainable growth.

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