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Zachary Hensley

Zachary Hensley

Account Executive

Zachary Hensley is an accountant executive here at Dannah Investment group. He is responsible for providing up-to-date information, recommendations, and assistance to clients during the data gathering portion of the employee retention credit process. With a background in customer service, Zachary is particularly sensitive to the unique needs of each individual client and takes pride in anticipating their needs based on their particular situation.  

Zachary attended Azusa Pacific University for his undergraduate degree in Social Science and California Baptist University for his graduate degree in Organizational Leadership. He is a proponent of the Mark Miller school of leadership and believes that being a lifelong learner is essential to being successful. 

In his free time, Zachary enjoys going on road trips with his wife, going on hikes, watching football, and spending time with his family in his hometown of Oceanside, California.  

Currently, Zachary lives in Glendora, California with his wife and 2 cats, Azzy and Momo, where they are the caretakers of the state headquarters for the Daughters of the American Revolution historical society.