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How We Work

We believe that there is more to wealth management than picking the right stock and sending you on your way. We conduct a Comprehensive Analysis of your overall financial situation to develop a holistic financial plan which addresses your unique financial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This is what we call 'The Dannah Difference.'

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Comprehensive Financial Analysis

We can conduct a Comprehensive Analysis of your unique financial situation to help you identify and address financial Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Our analysis may include:

  • Cash reserves analysis
  • Life and disability insurance needs analysis
  • Tax advantaged retirement savings and spending direction
  • Assist to ensure you maximize employer sponsored benefits
  • Beneficiary audit
  • Help you determine the proper usage of debt
  • Work closely with our affiliated CPA and Attorney or your own
  • Develop a retirement income and distribution plan
  • Defer capital gains on the sale of your business, commercial assets, or other highly appreciated assets
  • Create an insurance company that you own so you can sell your company insurance and retain the underwriting and investment income profit
  • Develop a creative company health care plan that has the capacity to save money and retain benefits for your employees
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • College savings for children and grandchildren
  • Social Security
  • Medicare and Medicare supplements
  • Long-term care for in-home, assisted living and nursing home services for yourself or your aging parents
  • Bi-annual to annual review to track your progress and review of your financial plan
  • Estate planning to ensure your heirs are provided for
  • We help you set measurable and achievable Financial Goals
  • We help determine a Time Horizon for each of your goals.
  • We assess your Risk Tolerance
  • We can help you understand your feelings to the risks of investing by utilizing a risk tolerance questionnaire. This allows us to create a plan that ensures your portfolio matches the amount of risk you are comfortable taking, the amount of risk required to take and the capacity of risk your financial plan can withstand. We’ll help find a balance between lower and higher risk investments that is appropriate for your objectives.
  • We design a specific Investment Policy and Asset Allocation Strategy to help you achieve your risk and time horizon goals.
  • We offer Continued and Consistent Guidance, Advice & Monitoring of your financial plan and net worth
  • We help you avoid making emotionally driven financial decisions
  • We will meet with you regularly to inform you of your portfolio progress, remind you of your annual targets and adjust your allocations based on changes to the following:
    • Global economic and market conditions
    • Employment & income changes
    • Tax law changes
    • Health, disability, death
    • Inheritance

Retirement Income Planning

We design a specific Retirement Income Plan based on your retirement resources, to help you transition from the accumulation phase in preparation for retirement to the distribution phase in retirement.

  • Discuss life expectancy to determine the longevity of your financial resources
  • Reassess and discuss your risk tolerance annually
  • Identify and discuss the difference between your retirement income needs and wants
  • Assists to identify a sustainable retirement income and inform you of your “income ceiling”
  • Identify sources of retirement income and determine appropriate order and age to collect each
    • Pension
    • Lump sum vs. monthly annuity options
    • Life expectancy and payment options
    • Social Security
      • When to file?
      • What is your full retirement age?
      • Income restrictions
      • Taxation of benefits
    • Future changes Investments
    • Create and administer an efficient retirement income portfolio
    • Distribution focused strategies
    • How to take systematic withdrawals
    • Capital retention vs. capital utilization
    • Employment After Retirement
      • Full-time
      • Part-time
      • Consulting
      • Starting a business


  • Utilizing the tax and income benefits they offer
  • Deferral, efficient distributions and lifetime income
  • Maximize utilization of living and death benefits


  • Effect on your plan, taxes and trusts
  • Assist in assessing inherited accounts to minimize your taxes and maximize your retirement
  • Changing beneficiaries

Taxation in Retirement

  • Choose appropriate tax efficient distribution options from retirement resources
  • Government means testing of Social Security benefits and Medicare premiums
  • Required Minimum Distributions at age 70 ½ on qualified accounts
  • Tax bracket topping strategies
  • Reveal the proper order of distributions on investment accounts to minimize annual tax liability

Healthcare in Retirement

  • Use of tax advantaged Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Work with our Associated Health Options agents or your own agents to assist you with:
  • A health expense budget
  • Medicare options
  • Understanding the parts of Medicare:
    • Who qualifies
    • How and when to sign up
    • Penalties
    • Medicare supplement policies

Long-Term Care

  • Help to prepare for potential long-term care needs for yourself and aging parents
  • Identify various funding options:
    • Self-insurance
    • Traditional long-term care insurance
    • Long-term care/choice care riders available on annuities and life insurance

Estate Planning

Work with our Associated Attorney or your Attorney to:

  • Discuss estate planning needs
  • Properly fund your trust and update beneficiaries
  • Utilize investments and life insurance to minimize impact of estate taxes to heirs
  • Living wills
  • Power of Attorney (financial and medical)

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. | (214) 614-2665